After An Attempt

Welcome. We’re so glad you’ve found yourself here. Whether you’re glad you survived your suicide attempt and are trying to find a new lease on life, or are reeling from the complicated feelings of wishing you could have done this right, we’re here for you.

If you’ve found yourself searching, our hope is that a part of you wants to be alive. Psychological pain is so hard. Life can be unkind and exhausting and overwhelming. We exist so that you can unburden yourself from these tough, heavy feelings. We don’t want you to just stay alive, we’re here to help heal your pain and help you find a life worth living.

We also know that reaching out for help can be scary. We hear you. Take your time. Ask all the questions you need. We’re happy to answer your questions or just provide you with some pointers to help you land in the right direction. We’re here however you need. If you’d like to find community with others who share the lived experience of surviving a suicide attempt, check out our Survivors of Suicide Attempt/s (SOSA) support groups. If you’re hoping for something a bit more intensive to give you the individual one-on-one space you’re craving, contact us for a free consultation about our Individual Therapy. Therapy can sound scary too. Call it counseling, or chatting weekly with a trusted professional if that makes it easier for you! If you just want to send us an email with some general questions or to feel us out, you can do that here.