Suicide prevention is everyone’s business.

We have trainings designed for lay people in the community wishing to learn more! Everyone plays a role in suicide prevention and we’re here to help you learn the basics of recognizing some of the warning signs and risk factors associated with increased suicide risk. We’re here to help equip the community be more informed, more aware, and more confident in responding to folks who may be in despair. Our gatekeeper trainings are the perfect starting point for folks wanting to learn more! We have spoken to parent groups, workplaces, church groups, and groups of young people. Contact us with the specifics of the talk you’d like to incorporate and the audience you want to target and if we haven’t done it already, we’ll design it for you!

We are pleased to offer most of our community trainings at no cost. We love getting the word out and are delighted to equip and empower as many people as are willing to listen!