Helping other professionals is a huge part of our work. We can’t do this work alone, and we don’t want to.

Whether you’re looking for case consultation or bridge therapy, if you’re a practice owner interested in beefing up your own training or an LMSW looking for clinical supervision, or you’re just looking for additional resources, networking, or a place to learn more, we can help. We even help clinicians replicate our work in their cities so there are beacons of hope all around the country. It is our joy and our honor to create more partners in this fight.

And if you’re a therapist living with suicidal thoughts yourself, or reeling from the loss of someone who took their life, we’re here for you too. We’ll receive you without judgement and provide the same care and dedication to you as you provide to your clients. Your whole self is safe with us.

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We offer services tailored just to professionals:

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