Individual Therapy

We offer space for those who have experiences with suicide. We don't shy away from your pain.

For those living with suicidal thoughts
For survivors of suicide attempts
For those who have lost someone to suicide

We specialize in working with teens and young adults who have survived a suicide attempt and/or struggle with suicidal thoughts, and with people of all ages who have lost someone to suicide.

Suicide grief is isolating, and complicated, and heart-wrenchingly painful; it comes with blame and unresolved heartache. It doesn’t follow the stages of “normal” grief. We understand the unique, all-consuming layers of grief after a suicide and will be with you in the deep work of healing after your loss.

For most, individual therapy is the first place where talking about suicide is okay and received without judgment. This can be both overwhelming and scary, particularly when considering that the “real” world is full of stigma and is not open to discussing something as heavy and uncomfortable as suicide. We’d argue that this is exactly the reason to come.

Most often our individual therapy is short-term (3-6 months) and geared toward helping you get through:
In our time together, our hope is that you will find:

The primary interventions and therapeutic models we use: