I've Lost Someone

Grief is hard. Some people process grief quickly, some people grieve for their rest of their lives. Wherever you find yourself on your grief journey, you are welcome here.

There’s no right or wrong way to grieve. The Five Stages of Grief are outdated (and were actually written about the dying, not those in the throes of their grief). There is no prescription that will bring your person back, and no book to follow that will eliminate your grief. Here, we companion your grief. We won’t ever minimize it or tell you that your grief should be over yet. We’ll come alongside it with you and help you learn how to live with it. Whether you lost your person yesterday or decades ago, we’re here for you.

Losing someone to suicide can be especially complicated. In addition to the pain and sadness, suicide loss can also carry with it immense guilt and shame. People don’t make you feel bad if you lose your father to heart disease, and you don’t hold guilt if your child is killed in a car crash by a drunk driver. Both of those types of loss can be traumatic and are so, so hard, but they don’t usually come with the complicated feelings of guilt and shame on top of the sadness and despair. We’ll help unburden you from the responsibility you may be feeling and give you the space to show up in your grief however you need. Society doesn’t give a lot of space to talk about your person when you lost them to suicide, or process your anger or guilt or how much you miss them, or even to say your person’s name – but we do. Your person’s name is sacred to us. We’ll use it delicately and often, and we’ll help you find a way to carry on your relationship with them.

We’re here however you need. If you’d like to find community with others who share the lived experience of losing a loved one to suicide, check out our Grief After Suicide support groups. If you’re hoping for something a bit more intensive to give you the individual one-on-one space you’re craving, contact us for a free consultation about our Individual Therapy.